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On January 1, 2016, citizens of Ontario will finally be able to bring their municipal complaints to their provincial Ombudsman. This will mark the start of a new era of accountability at the local level. The passage of Bill 8 - the Public Sector and MPP Accountability Act, 2014 - opens the broader public sector to independent oversight for the first time. Complaints about the so called "MUSH" sector ( municipalities, universities, school boards, hospitals, long-term care, police and children aid societies.) have remained outside the office's jurisdiction since Ontario's first Ombudsman, these bodies have important decision- making powers and take actions which affect the lives of all of us. Since 2005 alone the Ombudsman office has had to turn away more than 24,000 " MUCH " complaints. More than 10,500 of those were about municipalities, making them the most complained- about area of the sector so far. Complaints about municipalities ran the gamut from garbage collection and snow removal to conflict of interest and the conduct of council members. Many citizens expressed the view that they had nowhere else to turn for independent review of their local concerns. As of January 1, that will change.

The Ombudsman's office accepts complaints through email, fax, web form, telephone, and in person. It does not charge a fee to complainants: in fact all services are free of charge (the office is funded through the provincial treasury). Complaints made to the office are strictly confidential and all investigations are conducted in private; complainants are never identified without consent.

Anyone who has a concern about a municipality can complain, including residents, staff, council members, family members, rate payers, and members of interest groups. Under the Ombudsman Act, the Ombudsman also has discretion not to investigate complaints that are considered frivolous or vexatious, or from parties who have no personal involvement in the matter. The Ombudsman can also launch an "own motion" investigation (without a complaint) into a matter of public interest.

Contact information and much more is posted at and a designated team will be available to assist municipal stakeholders with any questions they may have as New Years Eve approaches.